Don't just take our word for it. Heasell Electromechanical Services have been providing fantastic service to our customers for over sixty years. 

Here's a little selection of what some of them are saying about us.



I just wanted to take this time to say thank you.


I personally don’t feel it’s said enough in our industry. Regardless of whether you are paying for a job or not, in my eyes when people do a good job they deserve thanks and you guys done a superb job with this fan.


I know that almost every job that is sent to you is an ‘’Urgent’’ job but the last two, with the PVDF encapsulated nuts manufactured by Den and this rubber coated fan really genuinely were huge breakdowns which had major business impact on us.

The turnaround times you guys provide time and time again are phenomenal, in particular with the fan. I was under a lot of pressure from senior management and directors as they wanted an immediate turnaround and we were looking at all options of finding spare fans etc. somewhere. I re-assured them that the best humanly possible lead time was the one you guys had given us and this was backed up when my manager had contacted one of the UKs largest fan suppliers who said, and I quote ‘’if they can get it repaired by Monday I would snap their hands off as you wouldn’t get that anywhere else’’. To then get the fan rebuilt and back to us by Friday evening was fantastic. We were back up and running by midnight Friday night.


I think your team deserve a big pat on the back and please pass on a thanks from myself to anyone involved, from the front office, having to co-ord and liaise with us and 3rd parties, to the guys in the workshop putting in the hours to hit these lead times."

Reliability Engineer

Global Science & Chemicals Company

""I really appreciate the level of service you give Jay and can you please send regards to the guys in the workshop"

Factory Manager

Printing Company

Further details of our client testimonials and details can be given if requested. We would be more than happy to discuss the superb level of service that is offered as standard by Heasell Electromechanical Services.

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